Disability Equality Act Labour.

About us…

We are a Facebook group of disabled Labour Party members, ex Labour Party members and Party members who support our work. We include ex Party members who have left because of harassment and victimisation as a result of the Labour Party not complying with the disability elements of the Equality Act 2010.

Image of the cover of the handbook.

What we do…

In the summer of 2017 we published our first pamphlet, ‘It’s Our Party – Let Us In!’, recommendations for changes to internal policy and practice for the Labour Party.

In January 2018 we published, ‘The Equality Act 2010 (disability) and the Labour Party’, a legal handbook detailing what the Party needs to do to comply with the disability elements of the Equality Act. It includes ‘It’s Our Party – Let Us In!’ as an appendix.

Now, we campaign by asking Constituency Labour Parties, Unions and all organisations that support the Labour Party to pass a motion supporting the legal handbook.

Download the legal handbook.

Steve Tomlinson, Unite Disabilities Rep and Disabilities Campaigner says: “It’s remarkably good document. A lot of very hard work and legal advice has gone into producing it. I commend its authors for their dedication on behalf of our Party.”

John McDonnell, MP for Hayes and Harlington says: “Wow, it’s a fantastic piece of work. Thanks for this great and much needed initiative.”

Graham Wheatley, Leicester Local Campaign Forum secretary says: “It will be on the reading list for anyone who wants to be a City Councillor in Leicester in 2019.”

Put our model motion to your branch!

Copy and paste the text below. Email it to your branch or CLP secretary and ask for it to be put to your next meeting. If you need support to speak to the motion, please email us or post in our Facebook group.

This branch welcomes the legal handbook “Equality Act 2010 (disability) and the Labour Party”, produced and published free online at disabilityequalityactlabour.org by the Disability Equality Act Labour group.

The hard work that has gone into this document by disabled Labour Party members and experts in the field of disability equality are to be commended.

We recommend the handbook to our CLP and call for the NEC to accept it, in its entirety, as official internal policy at all levels of the Party.

We recommend a CLP donation of £50, and encourage individual members to make what donations they feel able to towards a print run to enable the DEAL group to make the handbook available at Party events including regional and national conferences.

Cheques should be made payable to Disability Equality Act Labour and sent to DEAL, 32 Battlebridge Court, Wharfdale Road, London N1 9UA.

Thanks to everyone that has passed our model motion:

Below is a grid with graphics, click here for a plain text list more suitable for screen reading software.

We are currently updating our website. Please bear with us if you are looking for something specific that’s not here yet, we are in the process of moving everything over from our old site and adding a few new initiatives from our members.