DL election 2020

Andrew Weston

My name is Andrew, I have a coordination disability and autism. I am an active member of my local CLP and Unite. I am standing for the Disability Labour Executive Committee.

  • I have lived experience of the challenges many of us face, including discrimination at work (at a previous workplace).
  • I’m an experienced advocate for people with disabilities, including previously as a trustee of the Burgess Autistic Trust, and currently as a trustee of VoiceAbility a national advocacy charity.
  • Whilst working for the British Red Cross I was the founding disability co-chair of its diversity network, which gave me experience of building alliances with other diversity groups (e.g. the BAME network).
  • I have experience of policy and influencing work. I currently lead the policy and insight function of a national youth charity (the Marine Society and Sea Cadets).
  • I have a background in social research, specialising in coproduction, which means I’m aware of the practices that work best to meaningfully engage with a community.

Combined my background gives me the drive to act, the ability to identify the needs and wishes of members, and the experience to help translate this into ideas that can help Disability Labour make a difference.