DL election 2020

Anne Musker

I would be happy to serve the Executive Committee as I can. I am  a solicitor and have worked for the past 20 years on the National Autistic Society’s Education Rights Service having which I helped set up.  More recently I have advised on PIP and ESA appeals with my first client being a street-homeless wheelchair user.

I attended Disability Labour’s conference stall and was so inspired by the help and advice given to members, that I came straight home and booked accommodation for conference  2020.

I am also hugely impressed with the Mental Health First Aid roll out  – I have already used it to benefit people and hope to have the course run in our constituency.

With the confidence from DL’s  manuals on the Disability Officer’s role and inclusive campaigning, I am now Disability Officer locally, with our first purchase being recording equipment for PIP interviews.  I am very keen to see the Labour Party Democracy Review bring the Rule Book into line with the Equality Act and would be keen to support DL with their work in this area.