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Elmet and Rothwell


Has agreed the motion.

Leeds West


Case Study DL election 2020

Gerard Smyth

I have been disabled all of my live, growing up I have experienced many forms of discrimination.

I have used my knowledge of disability to create a career in the field of disability access, I studied the Building regulations,! consulted on the creation of the Disability Equality act.

I setup and ran a for charity for 12 years it was run by disabled people for disabled people, the charity provided benefit advice, it created employment opportunities for disabled people and dealt with housing needs. I was also a persenter on a radio show called sounds positive for disabled people for the BBC. With the help of theT&G now Unite I setup the first homeless shelter on Wirral.

I spent 27 years working for Wirral council as disability &equalities officer, during that time we spent 10 million on making their buildings accessible for disabled people, I also provided reasonable adjustments for staff with a disability which included their Evacuation needs.

I retired from the council in 2015.

I believe having a disability officer will help the disabled members we have in the CLP by working to make our processes more inclusive, this will help us to recruit disabled people to join the party and vote Labour at the next election. There are 14 million disabled people in the UK the Tories are not interested in their welfare, we need to show them that we are.

I would like the opportunity to be the disability officers, I believe I have the knowledge and experience to do the work that will be required.

DL election 2020

Andrew Weston

My name is Andrew, I have a coordination disability and autism. I am an active member of my local CLP and Unite. I am standing for the Disability Labour Executive Committee.

  • I have lived experience of the challenges many of us face, including discrimination at work (at a previous workplace).
  • I’m an experienced advocate for people with disabilities, including previously as a trustee of the Burgess Autistic Trust, and currently as a trustee of VoiceAbility a national advocacy charity.
  • Whilst working for the British Red Cross I was the founding disability co-chair of its diversity network, which gave me experience of building alliances with other diversity groups (e.g. the BAME network).
  • I have experience of policy and influencing work. I currently lead the policy and insight function of a national youth charity (the Marine Society and Sea Cadets).
  • I have a background in social research, specialising in coproduction, which means I’m aware of the practices that work best to meaningfully engage with a community.

Combined my background gives me the drive to act, the ability to identify the needs and wishes of members, and the experience to help translate this into ideas that can help Disability Labour make a difference.

DL election 2020

Anne Musker

I would be happy to serve the Executive Committee as I can. I am  a solicitor and have worked for the past 20 years on the National Autistic Society’s Education Rights Service having which I helped set up.  More recently I have advised on PIP and ESA appeals with my first client being a street-homeless wheelchair user.

I attended Disability Labour’s conference stall and was so inspired by the help and advice given to members, that I came straight home and booked accommodation for conference  2020.

I am also hugely impressed with the Mental Health First Aid roll out  – I have already used it to benefit people and hope to have the course run in our constituency.

With the confidence from DL’s  manuals on the Disability Officer’s role and inclusive campaigning, I am now Disability Officer locally, with our first purchase being recording equipment for PIP interviews.  I am very keen to see the Labour Party Democracy Review bring the Rule Book into line with the Equality Act and would be keen to support DL with their work in this area.

DL election 2020 Existing Executive member

Anne Pridmore (existing Exec member).

Having spent over 34 years as a campaigner in the disabilities rights movement, I have accrued a great deal of valuable experience and expertise in a diverse variety of issues that affect disabled people.  As a disabled woman myself, I have lived experience of disability and the obstacles we face


In 1988  I chaired a Disabled Peoples User Led Organisation (DPULO).  In 1991 I chaired the British Council of Disabled People which was a national DPULO from there I went on to Chair the UK Disability Forum for Europe this enabled me to travel all over Europe meeting disabled people and listening to their struggles.

In the 90’s I ran a peer support group for people receiving Direct Payments which led me to develop a web site to support disabled people to employ their own Personal Assistants, Carers or Support Workers we gained charity status in 2009.

I am passionate about independent living and the right to have support to fully access the community.  I am appalled that disabled people are being hit by the austerity cuts and seeing their support being taken away.

I have been a member of the Labour Party for ten years and have served as both the disability officer and chair of my CLP

I want to help to continue the excellent work the current Executive are doing.

DL election 2020 Existing Executive member

Barb Roberts (DEAL member, existing Exec member).

I’m a Socialist, retired SRN, Labour Party member of 9 years and member of Disability Labour since 2016. My CLP is Hackney South & Shoreditch.

I’m consistently active in many campaigns both local and national and have been CLP Disability Officer for over 2 years. With comrades from Hackney North I organised the first ever Hackney disability forum entitled “Disabled – Let Us in!” A successful event of lively participation on our disabled rights, fighting for total access into society, with speakers including the Co-Chair of Disability Labour

As an ordinary Executive Officer of Disability Labour I’d make it my priority for members to be involved in the issues that affect our lives the most.

Primarily a major concern is the severe lack of accessible public transport. From street level to platform-to-train requirements, lack of station lifts, to lack of transport full stop in out of town areas.

Putting guards back on trains, stopping cuts to our bus services!

My aim is to create a network with you, your local area campaigns for accessible transport, liaising with groups like Transport For All.

And pressure the Ministry of Transport. For real change. For The Many!

In Solidarity

Barb Roberts

DL election 2020

Cari Bishop Jones

Professionally, I was a residential and day social worker in both the United Kingdom and the Netherlands before becoming a counsellor and psychotherapist.  I currently live in South Wales where I am a director of a community interest company that offers wellbeing provisions and I am an active member of the my profession body’s Diversity & Social Responsibility Committee where I co-presented workshops in Conferences and my article “The Politics of Challenges in Capacity” was published in my professional body’s journal which I wrote in response to the governmental policy of austerity, the current benefits system, and the negative impact on people with disabilities.

Both my professional and political interests lie in particular unseen disabilities, power dynamics and access as a level playing field. More recently I found new ways to effect change as Disability Officer of Swansea West CLP (2018) and member of Labour’s Welsh policy forum (2019). I have been an active a member of Swansea Association Independent Living group for over 10 years, and more recently I belong to Swansea Council Disability Liaison Group, Leonard Cheshire’s Swansea Citizen’s Panel where we are campaigning and building relationships with Swansea Council to promote positive change.

DL 2020 vice chair election DL election 2020 Existing Executive member

Dave Townsend (Existing Co-Vice chair).

Currently I’m co-Vice-Chair of Disability Labour and Disability Officer of Weston-super-Mare Constituency Labour Party.

My partner and I have 4 children, 2 of whom are on the Autistic Spectrum.

I have experience in provision for children with Special Educational Needs.  I have experience of contact with Adult & Children’s Social Services.

I’m medically retired. I was a Civil Servant/Engineer with the Ministry of Defence. I have experience of Dealing with Government, legislation, and project management.

I spent 3 years volunteering with Citizen’s Advice helping people deal with housing, debt, benefits, and other issues.

I’m a School Governor and the Accessibility lead on the Governing Body.

I’ve completed training as a Mental Health First Aider and I’m currently learning British Sign Language.

I am experienced in supporting Youth, Disabled, BAME, and LGBT Communities and have wide experience of the issues of discrimination.

Being disabled, I have gained wide personal experience of Disability Rights, accessibility, inclusivity and equality.

My main achievement this year has been leading the drafting of a new constitution for Disability Labour.

I hope to be re-elected so that I will be able to continue the work already started by the current Disability Labour Executive.

Statement for Election to the Position of Executive Vice Chair 2020


I sincerely wish to continue in the role of Co-Vice Chair / Membership in Disability Labour disability politics and so I am seeking re-election.

By way of my relevant experience, in the Labour Party I was previously Chair and I am currently Disability Officer of Weston-super-Mare Constituency Labour Party; I have also held the following positions LCF Chair, CLP Vice Chair, IT Officer, and Acting CLP Secretary.

As co-Vice Chair I have:

  • Developed the remote electronic internal democracy systems that Disability Labour now uses for communication and balloting of the members of Disability Labour.
  • Maintained the membership Database since February 2019 and dealt with related member’s queries.
  • Acted as admin on our members Facebook Group and Page.
  • Produced and prepared a new comprehensive Constitution for Disability Labour, which I would like to continue working on in consultation with the members of Disability Labour.

If elected, it is my hope that I could help steer Disability Labour to form closer working ties with the Labour Party and perhaps see it become a Members Section of the main party with automatic membership for all disabled Labour Party members.

DL election 2020

Doug Holton

Hackney N and Stoke Newington CLP. Co-Disability Officer.

Equity, N&E London; Hackney Trades Union Council. Disability Officer and Secretary of both.

Member Disabled Members Network and Regional Council LESE Region TUC.

Left wing LP activist determined to build a united disability movement.

I proposed a motion (carried unanimously) to Equity my trades union campaign to stop and scrap Universal Credit and affiliate to DPAC. Equity now campaigns and provides excellent support for individual members.

I’ll fight for a higher profile for disabled members’ issues and better engagement with the mainstream Party. I won’t go to war with the Party but I share the anger and frustration of members who are further disabled by the ignorance of the Party at all levels. We demand rights not largesse. The Party is impoverished by preventing disabled members playing their full part.

We need a network of existing CLP Disability Officers to coordinate our efforts, support each other and pool experiences. It is a priority to get more CLP’s to cross affiliate and maximise our input. Then the real work can begin.

We can investigate ways of linking with disabled activists outside the Party eg disability forums.