DL election 2020 Existing Executive member

Barb Roberts (DEAL member, existing Exec member).

I’m a Socialist, retired SRN, Labour Party member of 9 years and member of Disability Labour since 2016. My CLP is Hackney South & Shoreditch.

I’m consistently active in many campaigns both local and national and have been CLP Disability Officer for over 2 years. With comrades from Hackney North I organised the first ever Hackney disability forum entitled “Disabled – Let Us in!” A successful event of lively participation on our disabled rights, fighting for total access into society, with speakers including the Co-Chair of Disability Labour

As an ordinary Executive Officer of Disability Labour I’d make it my priority for members to be involved in the issues that affect our lives the most.

Primarily a major concern is the severe lack of accessible public transport. From street level to platform-to-train requirements, lack of station lifts, to lack of transport full stop in out of town areas.

Putting guards back on trains, stopping cuts to our bus services!

My aim is to create a network with you, your local area campaigns for accessible transport, liaising with groups like Transport For All.

And pressure the Ministry of Transport. For real change. For The Many!

In Solidarity

Barb Roberts