DL 2020 chair election DL election 2020 Existing Executive member

Fran Springfield (Existing Co-Chair).

I’m Fran Springfield a Specialist Nurse in Acquired Disability, therapist and Medico-Legal Expert.


I’m the Disability Officer for Vauxhall CLP, a contributor and editor for all our DL publications. I’m a UNISON & DPAC member too.

I have both visible and invisible disabilities.

I believe I have the knowledge, skills and abilities needed to continue the work we have started. I have run an international charity for transgendered people as well managing care homes and supported living schemes. Everywhere I worked I was able to increase client and resident involvement.

I’ve worked with Kathy Bole to ensure we’ve had a DL stall and provided Mental Health First Aid at the last 2 Party conferences and at Women’s Conference 2919.

With other Exec members I have lobbied Party staff and MPs to ensure our voice has been heard and our message understood – Nothing about us without us!

We still need better access, more reasonable adjustments at meetings and conferences. We still need spaces that disabled people and those who are neuro-divergent can use as safe or quiet spaces.

Thank you for the trust you placed in us at the last AGM, please re-elect us to carry on that work.


I’m re-standing for Chair because, with our Exec team, I want carry through the work that we’ve started to ensure there is an active and democratic Disabled Members Party Section

I have over 30 years experience of running organisations, including charities and of chairing meetings.

I believe that it’s important we have continuity of leadership and am delighted that Kathy Bole is standing to be Co-Chair that Dave Townsend is re-standing to be Co-Vice Chair and Simon Lydiard is also standing as Co-Vice Chair and that Lorraine is re-standing as Deputy Secretary.

Over the last 18months we have ensured that DL has been a vocal presence at the NPF Work & Pensions Committee. Our greatest success was getting Stop and Scrap UC Party Policy!

I have been the Policy Lead and worked with other DPOs to look at how Hate Crime legislation can be strengthened to give us parity with other victims. This work is still ongoing.

We’ve had regular productive meetings with John McDonnell, Margaret Greenwood and Marsha de Cordova.

Please support my re-election and that of the current DL team so we can continue to work for you.

DL 2020 chair election DL election 2020 Existing Executive member

Kathy Bole (Existing Co-Vice chair and Acting treasurer).

I’m running for re-election to the executive of Disability Labour. I want to continue the work which we as the executive have started. Some of my accomplishments are:

  • Creating and setting up the Disability Hub to provide access to Labour conferences.
  • *I worked on rescuing our Website when it was taken out of our control
  • *Found another designer to come up with another Logo owned by Disability Labour.
  • *I trained as a Mental Health First Aid Instructor at my own expense.
  • *I trained other executive members to provide Mental Health support at Labour Party Conference at no expense to DL.
  • *I provided access audits amongst other members of the DL Executive to the Labour Party Evens team.
  • *I met with shadow cabinet members to show Support of the NILS strategy by ROFA and a holistic holistic assessment.
  • *I organised getting stuff for Disabilty Labour to sell as an alternative funding stream since we stopped charging membership fees for disabled people.
  • *I functioned as Treasurer on the request of the officers due to the resignation of the past Treasurer.

I would like to serve you once again as part of the executive.

Statement for election to one of the Co-Chair
Kathy Bole:
I am asking to be considered for the role of Co-chair of Disability Labour.
My qualifications:
Co-vicechair of Disability Labour.
Chair of Suffolk Coalition of Disabled People.
Chair of Unison’s Eastern region disabled members committee.
Chair of the Joint Consultative Committee at Ipswich Borough Council.
Secretary of Suffolk County Labour Group
Labour County Councillor for Suffolk County Council
Spokesperson on Disabilities for Suffolk Labour group
I want Disability Labour to be involved as the experts by experience to
advise the Labour Party on all policies having an effect on members with
a disability. We need to make sure the Labour Party fulfils their
obligations under the Equality Act 2010. We need to push to have all
regions, CLPs and branches educated on disability. We need to make
sure Disabled people can participate at all levels of our party.
We need to develop a training programme on disability and make it an
obligation on all structures within the LP. I will work with others to
develop this training programme and bring it to the party to educate
those who run the party structures.
I hope you will elect me as one of your co-chairs.