DL 2020 chair election DL election 2020 Existing Executive member

Kathy Bole (Existing Co-Vice chair and Acting treasurer).

I’m running for re-election to the executive of Disability Labour. I want to continue the work which we as the executive have started. Some of my accomplishments are:

  • Creating and setting up the Disability Hub to provide access to Labour conferences.
  • *I worked on rescuing our Website when it was taken out of our control
  • *Found another designer to come up with another Logo owned by Disability Labour.
  • *I trained as a Mental Health First Aid Instructor at my own expense.
  • *I trained other executive members to provide Mental Health support at Labour Party Conference at no expense to DL.
  • *I provided access audits amongst other members of the DL Executive to the Labour Party Evens team.
  • *I met with shadow cabinet members to show Support of the NILS strategy by ROFA and a holistic holistic assessment.
  • *I organised getting stuff for Disabilty Labour to sell as an alternative funding stream since we stopped charging membership fees for disabled people.
  • *I functioned as Treasurer on the request of the officers due to the resignation of the past Treasurer.

I would like to serve you once again as part of the executive.

Statement for election to one of the Co-Chair
Kathy Bole:
I am asking to be considered for the role of Co-chair of Disability Labour.
My qualifications:
Co-vicechair of Disability Labour.
Chair of Suffolk Coalition of Disabled People.
Chair of Unison’s Eastern region disabled members committee.
Chair of the Joint Consultative Committee at Ipswich Borough Council.
Secretary of Suffolk County Labour Group
Labour County Councillor for Suffolk County Council
Spokesperson on Disabilities for Suffolk Labour group
I want Disability Labour to be involved as the experts by experience to
advise the Labour Party on all policies having an effect on members with
a disability. We need to make sure the Labour Party fulfils their
obligations under the Equality Act 2010. We need to push to have all
regions, CLPs and branches educated on disability. We need to make
sure Disabled people can participate at all levels of our party.
We need to develop a training programme on disability and make it an
obligation on all structures within the LP. I will work with others to
develop this training programme and bring it to the party to educate
those who run the party structures.
I hope you will elect me as one of your co-chairs.

DL 2020 treasurer election DL election 2020

Jonathan Farr

I am a disabled person with a hidden disability and also a carer. I gave up a successful career in Local Government as a Public Transport Manager to care for my brother. I have since taken a part time position working for a local charity managing their ‘Mobility Hub’ providing a Shopmobility scheme and offering advice and services for disabled people. I am currently the Disabilities Officer for my local CLP and have been pushing for better accessibility for all including proxy/postal voting for CLP nomination meetings.

I have experienced first-hand the impact of the Tory Government’s “hostile environment” against disabled people and the toxicity it has created. The demeaning PIP and ESA assessments, the underfunding of care and the NHS.

The Disability Discrimination act was introduced in 1995 and the Equalities Act in 2010 and yet in 2020, disabled people are still treated like second class citizens and the Act is flouted. Where I live, the only time the train service is accessible is when it is being replaced by a bus. We need change.

I want to work with Disability Labour, It’s partners and stakeholders to bring about real change for disabled people and their carers.

Jonathan Farr
Statement for Election as Treasurer

I have experience of officer roles on many committees and charities. I was a Parish Councillor for 20 years and a manager in Local Government for 16 years. I currently manage a Mobilty Hub for a local charity. In my role in local government, I was responsible for budgets totaling several million pounds and prided myself in not just forecasting to the nearest £1k as required, but to the penny. I am responsible for all aspects of running the ‘Hub’ including producing the accounts on a weekly basis. I take pride in accuracy and believe that looking after other people’s money requires even more care than ones own. I have a keen eye for detail, especially for figures and spreadsheets and believe this and my financial experience makes me an ideal candidate for the role.

DL 2020 secretary election DL election 2020

Lorraine Harding (Existing Deputy Secretary).

I am seeking re-election to the executive committee of Disability Labour, and to the post of Deputy Secretary.

I have a wide range of skills and knowledge which has made the position of Deputy Secretary a good match for me.  I have been able to assist the Secretary with responding to enquiries and also prepared minutes, agendas, as well as providing reports from any events/meetings I have attended.  I also organised a successful face to face meeting of the executive from locating a venue, providing an access audit.

The executive has made huge progress in building useful links not only with the Labour Party, but with Trade Unions and other organisations supporting disabled people. I hope if re-elected I will continue to play a part in this.

I have also assisted in providing access audits for conferences and I enjoy sharing ideas and information about disability issues. I have helped with running the DL Hub which raised the profile of DL at conferences, I have also trained and qualified as a mental health first aider and provide information about diabetes.

Please re-elect those current executive members with good records who are standing.  Thank you for your support.

DL election 2020

Doug Holton

Hackney N and Stoke Newington CLP. Co-Disability Officer.

Equity, N&E London; Hackney Trades Union Council. Disability Officer and Secretary of both.

Member Disabled Members Network and Regional Council LESE Region TUC.

Left wing LP activist determined to build a united disability movement.

I proposed a motion (carried unanimously) to Equity my trades union campaign to stop and scrap Universal Credit and affiliate to DPAC. Equity now campaigns and provides excellent support for individual members.

I’ll fight for a higher profile for disabled members’ issues and better engagement with the mainstream Party. I won’t go to war with the Party but I share the anger and frustration of members who are further disabled by the ignorance of the Party at all levels. We demand rights not largesse. The Party is impoverished by preventing disabled members playing their full part.

We need a network of existing CLP Disability Officers to coordinate our efforts, support each other and pool experiences. It is a priority to get more CLP’s to cross affiliate and maximise our input. Then the real work can begin.

We can investigate ways of linking with disabled activists outside the Party eg disability forums.

DL election 2020

John Hunt

Nomination  statement form for election to Disability Labour Exec AGM


Name: prof John  Hunt FRGS

Nomination statement Prof John Hunt:

John, known locally and by former students as the “ punk professor”   [is an active environmentalist & professor of climatechange forced into early medical retirement by a stroke [ aged  42] terminating his active passions of marathon-& fell-running, caving, & Arctic expeditions . Now 12 yrs since   his stroke and having returned home to Wales from France where he lived with his ex-partner &-carer with whom he jointly set-up a rural   gay social club; Since “re-Welshing “ John despite limitations of hemiplegic paralysis is active in his consistuency where he set up a mobility  community- group [“Blaenavon Wheelers”] to enable those mobility-challenged to share their issues victories & ideas and to form an advocacy forum to   speak up for disabled people especially addressing problems associated with outdoor access for those using mobility aids etc. John is Torfaen CLP Disability  Officer and a director of the local Workingmen’ s Hall where he leads on matters associated with disability access & events John’s 1st Party activity [aged 9] was working with his MP  Jim Callagahan to overcome threats to a local community science facility; On climatechange he worked & wrote on projects variously for &with John Prescott and Michael Meacher.

DL 2020 treasurer election DL election 2020

Matthew Luke

I am standing for election to the committee of Disability Labour because I want to contribute to our ongoing struggle for equality. I believe the work of the group Disability Equality Act Labour (DEAL) has the potential to be transformative to the way the Labour Party treats disabled members internally as well as in the population at large. I was honoured to be able to contribute in a small way to the creation of the DEAL Legal Handbook.

I have served on CLP, Branch and County Local Campaign Forum committees.

I have also been a School Governor, Trade Union Branch Treasurer, and Administrative Officer in a Member of Parliament’s constituency office. I hope to bring this experience to our Executive Committee as we develop our constitution and take our part in a very difficult time for our Party.

I have Sleep Apnoea, ME, and Fibromyalgia. In my experience, “invisible” disabilities like these are outside of the awareness of most organisations. I strongly believe that Disability Labour should be working to improve awareness of all disabilities within the Labour Party, without diminishing the necessary work to overcome fundamental access challenges for members with more “obvious” conditions.


In my working life, I have trained as an Accounting Technician (ACCA level 4 diploma in Accounting and Business) and have held posts as a Research Finance Officer, Accounts Payable Administrator, and Contracts Officer. I also served a short term as my Trade Union branch Treasurer before having to resign that post as I left the University I was working at.

A great challenge that Disability Labour must work to overcome is raising funds now that membership is free for all Labour Party members with disabilities or caring responsibilities. I believe that our Socialist Society has something unique to offer to the Labour movement and we should be able to secure financial support for our work. However, we will need to be creative in how we approach fundraising, and frugal in our expenditures until we have found our new equilibrium.

I am standing as Disability Labour Treasurer because I know how life-changing organisations can be when they have a solid financial footing, not because money is everything, but because it’s a necessary means to achieve our goals.

DL 2020 vice chair election DL election 2020 Existing Executive member

Simon Lydiard (Existing Secretary).

Simon Lydiard – Election Statement for the Executive Committee.

I was elected to the Executive Committee at the last Annual General Meeting, along with a group of like-minded comrades, with a mission to transform Disability Labour. I was appointed Secretary and, along with Lorraine Harding (Deputy Secretary), I have tried to improve the running of the organisation. The previous Committee met only four times a year and published no minutes. We have met most months, conducted our meetings via video conferencing to enable members to observe, and published minutes on our Facebook Page.

I had to take over as Minute Secretary part-way through the Annual General Meeting as the Acting Secretary walked out. But for my work, there would have been no minutes of that meeting. Indeed, all of the previous officers – with the exception of the Treasurer – refused to co-operate with us, or to participate in any kind of handover. We therefore had to re-build the organisation from scratch. That has been a monumental task – not helped by a campaign of harassment by some former members – but I am proud of our achievements.

If re-elected, I will not be seeking re-appointment as Secretary but would wish to be considered for one of the Vice Chair positions.


DL election 2020

Anne Musker

I would be happy to serve the Executive Committee as I can. I am  a solicitor and have worked for the past 20 years on the National Autistic Society’s Education Rights Service having which I helped set up.  More recently I have advised on PIP and ESA appeals with my first client being a street-homeless wheelchair user.

I attended Disability Labour’s conference stall and was so inspired by the help and advice given to members, that I came straight home and booked accommodation for conference  2020.

I am also hugely impressed with the Mental Health First Aid roll out  – I have already used it to benefit people and hope to have the course run in our constituency.

With the confidence from DL’s  manuals on the Disability Officer’s role and inclusive campaigning, I am now Disability Officer locally, with our first purchase being recording equipment for PIP interviews.  I am very keen to see the Labour Party Democracy Review bring the Rule Book into line with the Equality Act and would be keen to support DL with their work in this area.