Disability Labour AGM motion.

Format of AGM Minutes

Disability Labour recognises that past AGM minutes have not been fit for purpose. We therefore agree the following addition to the constitution:

(8e) AGM minutes must include:

  1. The date, time and physical venue of the meeting.
  2. The name of the group.
  3. The names of those present and the names of those having made apologies for not attending. Should anyone be present for a section of the meeting only, the detail of which section they were present.
  4. The items on the agenda.
  5. The precise wording of any resolution together with the name of the proposer of the motion.
  6. A summary of the discussion on each item of business.
  7. Information on which the decision was based.
  8. Who voted and how and if Chair used a casting vote
  9. The action required
  10. The names of the people who are responsible for implementing the decision.
  11. The date, time and venue of the next meeting.
  12. The name of the person taking the minutes.
Disability Labour AGM motion.

End Disability Labour’s Link with the Fabian Society

Disability Labour members note with concern the decision made at the November 2017 Executive Committee meeting to agree £2,500 of funding towards a joint report with The Fabian Society with little detail or discussion.

DL members further note that all funds held by Disability Labour have been paid via the membership fee and therefore believe a financial decision of this magnitude should have been discussed at the Annual General Meeting so all members could give their opinion and consent.

DL members therefore move that this decision be reversed with immediate effect and that no payment be made to the Fabian Society. Members also move that any payment already made should be returned, and that any ties between the Fabian Society and Disability Labour be suspended pending further discussion with the full membership.

Disability Labour AGM motion.

Scrap the Disability Labour Membership Fee

Disability Labour recognises the important role that our members should play in how our organisation runs, and recognises that the current membership fee could be a barrier to Labour Party members being more involved in Disability Labour.

Therefore, Disability Labour agrees to scrap the membership fee with immediate effect and replace the system with a voluntary donation system as well as continuing to ask CLPs to affiliate to Disability Labour.

Disability Labour AGM motion.

Appointment of CLP Liaison Officers

Disability Labour recognises the important role that Constituency Labour Party (CLPs) play in ensuring that disabled members are welcomed to party activities and fully included.

Disability Labour therefore will create 2 officer positions of “CLP Liaison” to work with all CLP Disability Officers and Executives to ensure best practice is followed.

Disability Labour AGM motion.

Election of Executive Officers by Disability Labour Members

Disability Labour acknowledges the wishes of its members to elect Officers to the Executive Committee.

Disability Labour therefore resolves to make the following change to the Disability Labour Constitution – Clause E(1) of the Constitution be changed to read:

“Officers of the group shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting with a ballot of members to elect two Co-Chairs, two Deputy Chairs, Secretary, Deputy Secretary Treasurer and Deputy Treasurer, as well as any other officer deemed relevant to the Aims and Objects of the group. These officers shall hold these positions until the beginning of the following AGM. All positions may be ‘job shared’ where desired if agreed by the AGM.”

This change to be effective immediately.

Disability Labour AGM motion.

Job Sharing on Disability Labour Executive

Disability Labour recognises that Executive roles can have a detrimental effect on the wellbeing of a member and can also be a contributing factor to that detriment.

Disability Labour also recognises that all members can contribute enormously to the organisation, and that the organisation has a duty of care to its Executive and the wider membership.

Disability Labour therefore agrees to job sharing for all Officer roles across the Executive Committee where desired. In cases where the Officer may have legal obligations, a member will be nominated as the named role holder responsible for those obligations (eg. the Secretary or Treasurer).

Disability Labour AGM motion.

No Confidence in the Chair

Over the last 18 months it has become increasingly apparent that the current Chair of Disability Labour has been ineffective, difficult to work with and completely unaccepting of comment or criticism by members and fellow Executive Committee members. This has been made worse by a lack of communication from the Secretary and some of the current Executive.

We, as members, therefore believe that Dave Allen’s position within the Executive has become untenable and unworkable.

We note the detrimental effect that his lack of leadership is having on the reputation of Disability Labour, and concerns have been raised by members that the Chair is having an adverse effect on the organisation as a whole.

We therefore move that Dave Allen be removed as Chair of Disability Labour with immediate effect, that he be removed from any ballot for the Executive Committee and that he should not be allowed to stand as an Executive Officer for Disability Labour for a period to be determined by the incoming Executive Committee. We call on the Labour Party to request that he not stand for any position within the proposed Disability section of the Labour Party.

Disability Labour AGM motion.

Adoption of DEAL and Partnership with Project 125

Disability Labour applauds the exemplary work of Disability Equality Act Labour (DEAL)in producing the Equality Act 2010 Handbook.

Disability Labour resolves to adopt the handbook in full and ensure closer working ties with DEAL.

Disability Labour also applauds the aims of Project 125 and resolves a closer working relationship, ensuring the shared aim of more disabled parliamentary candidates and MPs is a main campaign target.