DL 2020 vice chair election DL election 2020 Existing Executive member

Dave Townsend (Existing Co-Vice chair).

Currently I’m co-Vice-Chair of Disability Labour and Disability Officer of Weston-super-Mare Constituency Labour Party.

My partner and I have 4 children, 2 of whom are on the Autistic Spectrum.

I have experience in provision for children with Special Educational Needs.  I have experience of contact with Adult & Children’s Social Services.

I’m medically retired. I was a Civil Servant/Engineer with the Ministry of Defence. I have experience of Dealing with Government, legislation, and project management.

I spent 3 years volunteering with Citizen’s Advice helping people deal with housing, debt, benefits, and other issues.

I’m a School Governor and the Accessibility lead on the Governing Body.

I’ve completed training as a Mental Health First Aider and I’m currently learning British Sign Language.

I am experienced in supporting Youth, Disabled, BAME, and LGBT Communities and have wide experience of the issues of discrimination.

Being disabled, I have gained wide personal experience of Disability Rights, accessibility, inclusivity and equality.

My main achievement this year has been leading the drafting of a new constitution for Disability Labour.

I hope to be re-elected so that I will be able to continue the work already started by the current Disability Labour Executive.

Statement for Election to the Position of Executive Vice Chair 2020


I sincerely wish to continue in the role of Co-Vice Chair / Membership in Disability Labour disability politics and so I am seeking re-election.

By way of my relevant experience, in the Labour Party I was previously Chair and I am currently Disability Officer of Weston-super-Mare Constituency Labour Party; I have also held the following positions LCF Chair, CLP Vice Chair, IT Officer, and Acting CLP Secretary.

As co-Vice Chair I have:

  • Developed the remote electronic internal democracy systems that Disability Labour now uses for communication and balloting of the members of Disability Labour.
  • Maintained the membership Database since February 2019 and dealt with related member’s queries.
  • Acted as admin on our members Facebook Group and Page.
  • Produced and prepared a new comprehensive Constitution for Disability Labour, which I would like to continue working on in consultation with the members of Disability Labour.

If elected, it is my hope that I could help steer Disability Labour to form closer working ties with the Labour Party and perhaps see it become a Members Section of the main party with automatic membership for all disabled Labour Party members.