DL election 2020

Doug Holton

Hackney N and Stoke Newington CLP. Co-Disability Officer.

Equity, N&E London; Hackney Trades Union Council. Disability Officer and Secretary of both.

Member Disabled Members Network and Regional Council LESE Region TUC.

Left wing LP activist determined to build a united disability movement.

I proposed a motion (carried unanimously) to Equity my trades union campaign to stop and scrap Universal Credit and affiliate to DPAC. Equity now campaigns and provides excellent support for individual members.

I’ll fight for a higher profile for disabled members’ issues and better engagement with the mainstream Party. I won’t go to war with the Party but I share the anger and frustration of members who are further disabled by the ignorance of the Party at all levels. We demand rights not largesse. The Party is impoverished by preventing disabled members playing their full part.

We need a network of existing CLP Disability Officers to coordinate our efforts, support each other and pool experiences. It is a priority to get more CLP’s to cross affiliate and maximise our input. Then the real work can begin.

We can investigate ways of linking with disabled activists outside the Party eg disability forums.