Disability Labour AGM motion.

Regularity of Executive Committee meetings

Disability Labour recognises the importance of regular meetings of the Executive Committee, and notes with disappointment that the previous Executive did not meet regularly. Disability Labour therefore moves the following change to the Constitution to ensure the Executive meet on a regular basis.

H (1)

The Executive Committee shall hold at least four (4) ordinary meetings a year. A special meeting maybe called by the Chair or by any five (5) other members of the Executive Committee upon not less than seven (7) day’s notice being given to the other members of the Executive Committee of the matters to be discussed.

Change to:

(1) The executive committee hold ordinary meetings once a month. Meeting dates for the year are agreed by the Executive committee at their first meeting following the AGM.

(2) Additional special meetings maybe called by 50% of Executive Committee members. Seven clear days notice of a special meeting and its agenda must be given, the seven clear days start when the meeting notice is received by email by all executive members.