Disability Labour AGM motion.

Executive Committee minutes

To be properly accountable and democratic, Disability Labour recognises the need for meetings to be minuted fully and those minutes be up to a minimal standard.

We therefore agree that there should be an additional section H (8a) in our constitution as follows:

Executive committee minutes will include:

  1. The date, time and physical venue of the meeting.
  2. The name of the group.
  3. The names of those present and the names of those having made apologies for not attending. Should anyone be present for a section of the meeting only, the detail of which section they were present.
  4. The items on the agenda.
  5. The precise wording of any resolution together with the name of the proposer of the motion.
  6. A summary of the discussion on each item of business.
  7. Information on which the decision was based.
  8. Who voted and how and if Chair used a casting vote
  9. The action required
  10. The names of the people who are responsible for implementing the decision.
  11. The date, time and venue of the next meeting.
  12. The name of the person taking the minutes.