Case Study DL election 2020

Gerard Smyth

I have been disabled all of my live, growing up I have experienced many forms of discrimination.

I have used my knowledge of disability to create a career in the field of disability access, I studied the Building regulations,! consulted on the creation of the Disability Equality act.

I setup and ran a for charity for 12 years it was run by disabled people for disabled people, the charity provided benefit advice, it created employment opportunities for disabled people and dealt with housing needs. I was also a persenter on a radio show called sounds positive for disabled people for the BBC. With the help of theT&G now Unite I setup the first homeless shelter on Wirral.

I spent 27 years working for Wirral council as disability &equalities officer, during that time we spent 10 million on making their buildings accessible for disabled people, I also provided reasonable adjustments for staff with a disability which included their Evacuation needs.

I retired from the council in 2015.

I believe having a disability officer will help the disabled members we have in the CLP by working to make our processes more inclusive, this will help us to recruit disabled people to join the party and vote Labour at the next election. There are 14 million disabled people in the UK the Tories are not interested in their welfare, we need to show them that we are.

I would like the opportunity to be the disability officers, I believe I have the knowledge and experience to do the work that will be required.