DL election 2020

Jack Wilfan

I’m Jack Wilfan and have been a member of the Labour for almost 5 years (in March). I’m a passionate labour supporter and have helped in many general, local and regular campaigns. I’m Labour through and through and although have my internal political differences with others, know that we all want a Labour government so will work anyone towards that aim.

I’m on the left of the party and am proud of the policy position we have in many areas but want to campaign and help create a winning platform.

I’m currently running my university radio station in Hull and work at Argos which has involved leadership roles and organising people.

Although politics plays an important part of my life, I do many things outside and hope my vast experience in other areas of life can bring something else to a role on the DL exec. I was born at 27 weeks and experienced some complications from that including dyspraxia which is much misunderstood and dismissed by many able bodied and even some disabled people. Hidden disabilities are a passion as it affects me daily. The pathway to support was long and arduous but I got there eventually.