DL 2020 secretary election DL election 2020

Lorraine Harding (Existing Deputy Secretary).

I am seeking re-election to the executive committee of Disability Labour, and to the post of Deputy Secretary.

I have a wide range of skills and knowledge which has made the position of Deputy Secretary a good match for me.  I have been able to assist the Secretary with responding to enquiries and also prepared minutes, agendas, as well as providing reports from any events/meetings I have attended.  I also organised a successful face to face meeting of the executive from locating a venue, providing an access audit.

The executive has made huge progress in building useful links not only with the Labour Party, but with Trade Unions and other organisations supporting disabled people. I hope if re-elected I will continue to play a part in this.

I have also assisted in providing access audits for conferences and I enjoy sharing ideas and information about disability issues. I have helped with running the DL Hub which raised the profile of DL at conferences, I have also trained and qualified as a mental health first aider and provide information about diabetes.

Please re-elect those current executive members with good records who are standing.  Thank you for your support.