DL election 2020 Existing Executive member

Mo Peberdy (Existing Exec member).

Hi! my name is Mo Peberdy, I am a disabled mum of 4 lovely children, I have worked alongside the current Executive for the last year as a co-opted member. I would like to be considered for the post as Executive Officer of Disability Labour.

I live in a large City with 3 constituencies. This has been an ideal setting to investigate ways Disability Officers can work together to support each other, empowering them to input into ways disabled people can influence and raise awareness of the difficulties faced. I have instigated some digital democracy and have been successful in applying for a grant from the Labour Party to enhance inclusion. I am currently buying more equipment to ensure my Constituency is as inclusive as possible.

I am very lucky. My own Constituency is very progressive and supportive. I am aware that most do not have such luxury. Many Disability Officers struggle with bureaucracy withing their own CLP, particularly surrounding accessibility. I believe we all need to work together to stamp out such discrimination and to raise awareness of the problems we face. I think the Labour Party, Disability Labour and its members gives us an excellent platform on which to be heard and I would very much like to be part of that.