DL election 2020

Saghir Alam

I have been involved with Labour Party since my school days as teenager. I have also worked towards building a fairer society for all especially people who are most excluded.

I have been Chairman of Action on Disability and Development a International a Development Agency. I was a Member the Statutory Committee of the Equality Human Rights Commission.

I have experience in the public sector leadership and governance both at local and national level. I have served three terms as a Disability Rights Commissioner. I was Lead Commissioner working with public authorities and Local Government Association to ensure inclusive public services.

I have served on Equality 2025 advising Ministers and Senior Government Officials on Public Policy. I was member of Independent Living Scrutiny Group in Whitehall. I served as Observer Member of All Party Group and Parliamentary and Trustee Disability Rights UK. A Member of Youth Citizen Commission.

I was elected in May 2015 and joined the Cabinet as Cabinet Member for Corporate Services and Finance I understand challenges facing disabled people as part of austerity measures at grassroot level.

The above experiences will enable me to make positive contributions to the role asĀ  executive Member.

Thank you

Saghir Alam