Disability Labour AGM motion.

No confidence in the Secretary of Disability Labour

It has become increasingly apparent to members of Disability Labour that the current Secretary, Louise Reecejones, has been ineffective, difficult to work with and completely unaccepting of comment or criticism by members and fellow Executive Committee members.

She failed to notify the Executive Committee that she had brought Wirral Council & Wirral Labour Party into disrepute and had the whip removed from 6th September 2017 to 6th January 2018. This was vital information that was potentially harmful to Disability Labour.

The lack of communication from the Secretary has made things worse for the reputation of Disability Labour, and we place on record our gratitude to Brian Aylward for stepping in as Deputy Secretary since November 2017.

We, as members, therefore believe that Louise Reecejones’ position within the Executive has become untenable and unworkable.

We therefore move that Louise Reecejones be removed as Secretary of Disability Labour with immediate effect, that she be removed from any ballot for the Executive Committee and that she be prevented from standing as an Executive Officer for Disability Labour for no less than one year. We call on the Labour Party to request that she not stand for any position within the proposed Disability Section.