DL 2020 vice chair election DL election 2020 Existing Executive member

Simon Lydiard (Existing Secretary).

Simon Lydiard – Election Statement for the Executive Committee.

I was elected to the Executive Committee at the last Annual General Meeting, along with a group of like-minded comrades, with a mission to transform Disability Labour. I was appointed Secretary and, along with Lorraine Harding (Deputy Secretary), I have tried to improve the running of the organisation. The previous Committee met only four times a year and published no minutes. We have met most months, conducted our meetings via video conferencing to enable members to observe, and published minutes on our Facebook Page.

I had to take over as Minute Secretary part-way through the Annual General Meeting as the Acting Secretary walked out. But for my work, there would have been no minutes of that meeting. Indeed, all of the previous officers – with the exception of the Treasurer – refused to co-operate with us, or to participate in any kind of handover. We therefore had to re-build the organisation from scratch. That has been a monumental task – not helped by a campaign of harassment by some former members – but I am proud of our achievements.

If re-elected, I will not be seeking re-appointment as Secretary but would wish to be considered for one of the Vice Chair positions.